For over 14 years we are creating in the field of aerodynamics and aesthetic improvement of the car. In our new facilities abroad, we organized a modern factory with all required standards, increasing our production, and providing better services and products at better prices.
The biggest advantage of our products is the adaptation to the climatic conditions of our country, which means that they have all the specifications for a long life on your car at high temperatures. Having now so many years of experience we managed to gain acceptance not only of the Greek market but and of many European countries, making exports to the most difficult markets in Europe. We also manufacturing component for companies with their own logo. It is worth mentioning at various stages of our work so as to obtain a complete picture of who we are.


With the most modern equipment we are able to construct any design the customer wants, with great accuracy, quality, and aesthetics. Throughout the design we are making continuous analysis of the surfaces that will be added to your car for improving the aesthetics and its aerodynamics.

Μold manufacturing

The most perfect and accurate way to build a model or mold is ​​with a Machining Center (CNC). With such a center in our ownership we build our templates in solid aluminum for greater precision and resistance to major productions. Few plants in Europe manufactures the molds in this way and that is because the investment cost is very high. When you can build a perfect mold, then the next step should be comparable level.


Airfoils are made ​​from polyurethane and footpegs-Spoiler-light brows from plastic (ABS).

The materials are delivered with paint preparation and packaging.

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Tolia Antonios

Sales Manager